Saturday, February 10, 2007

DVD Review: Open Season

The overall reviews from and on the movie weren't flattering. With that in mind, I was a bit unsure when buying the DVD. But I bought it anyway, from Page One Bookshop at Vivocity. By the way, Page One has a pretty good variety of books, which are also priced reasonably.

Open season is the first feature-length CG animated movie from Sony Pictures Animation. Despite that it was the first, the visual quality of the film is outstanding. Actually, I bought the DVD just for the art. It didn't disappoint me.

The story was totally original and there wasn't much spoofs. It was a light hearted action adventure comedy. The characters and storyline don't have as much depth as Pixar movies but the film was still entertaining overall.

If you have owned any Pixar DVDs, the featurettes on this DVD is roughly the same. There were behind the scenes (which Cars didn't have!), voices of actors, an extra short and other stuff.

Overall, I would recommend renting the DVD. It's not really worth collecting unless you're a 3D animated movie DVD collector like me. But even then, I don't collect all 3D movies.

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  1. i'm disappointed CARS DVD didn't have any behind the scene extras :p


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