Sunday, April 1, 2007

High -pitch Perfect

I went to 優客李林 concert yesterday. They were the popular Chinese group in the 90s until they disband. 15 years later, they come together again to put together this concert. I still remember the good old songs for I have one of the compilation CDs.

Lin Zhi Xuan's the lead singer and he was pitch perfect throughout the concert. And might I add, high-pitch perfect. The high notes at which he goes to really amazes anyone.

This is Li Ji, the guy who wrote most of the songs for 優客李林. The lyrics are really good. One of the difference between Chinese pop songs and English pop songs is the lyrics. Chinese pop songs have less 'rubbish' lyrics back then.

These are just handphones waved by fans. There were people who did brought light sticks, but not a lot. His fans are not really the light sticks kind of fans.

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  1. my boyfriend loved them too! so did i actually, lin zhi xuan's voice is simply amazing and silky smooth. in fact, my boyfriend still sings their songs at KTV, lol...



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