Monday, March 26, 2007

Monkey business at Holland V

The following is a story from The Straits Times, 260307. Please read and answer the question at the end.

- Story starts -

Oh nuts! A tasty treat was just not enough to coax this monkey down from its unlikely perch in Holland Village.
The animal, believed to be a Long-tailed Macaque, kept seven policemen at bay in a stand-off lasting around two hours on Saturday.

'The police were having a hard time catching the monkey,' said Ms Crystal Toh, a sales supervisor at Pets' Station, a shop in the area.

'The officers came into my shop and asked for any equipment that could help catch it.'

The monkey mystery took residents by surprise, with many wondering where it had come from.

Mr Lin Kok Seng, 72, a fruit seller at the Holland Village market, said: 'It had been jumping around the air-con units of the neighbouring shophouses since Monday.

'I have been selling fruits here for the past 35 years, but this is the first time I have seen a monkey in this area.'

Finally, police managed to lure the creature down to a sloping canopy outside a shop, where a hiding officer nabbed it. Crafty monkey.

- Story ends -

Question: If 1 monkey takes 7 policemen 2 hours to catch, how much time would 5 policemen need to catch 3 monkeys? Please show the relevant steps in arriving at your answer. (5 marks)

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