Monday, April 16, 2007

2x Resurrection

After working on the PC for more than 2 weeks, I've began to truly appreciate how truly remarkable OS X is.

The Windows keyboard really isn't optimized for hardcore keyboard shortcuts. Maybe I'm wrong, but is it right to use the little finger to press the Ctrl button while doing a keyboard shortcut like Ctrl+S? I do keyboard shortcuts a lot and I'm really beginning to feel my little finger cramp after few hours of non stop work.

And today, Illustrator crashed on me 2 times. Kudos to WinXP for not crashing with it. I must take my hat off, for I had complete faith that it would crash. Illustrator crashed on me and I had a moment of silence. You know those silence people get when they are involve in an accident, where time "slows" down? Luckily I like to keep copies of current working files.

It's not that Illustrator doesn't crash on the Mac. In fact, I get messed up preferences often. But hell no, it's not as often as how much Illustrator messes up in PC.

I think I might have to map my keyboard keys to the Mac keys.

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