Thursday, May 10, 2007

Book Review: The Spider-Man Chronicles

Pages from Spider-Man ChroniclesThis book was on my shopping list. So it was a pleasant surprise when it got delivered to the art department yesterday. Saved me $60. Yesh!

The focus of this book was more on the production point of view, especially from that of a producer. Grant Curtis, the producer, wrote this book. He's only 27 years old when was producer of Spider-Man 1. Very impressive debut!

The book detailed the journey through the production of Spider-Man 3. Included were photos, artworks and even a detailed 110-day shooting journal from the producer. Every producer or film maker should have this book on their shelf. In fact, Grant Curtis had meticulously documented his whole experience from the start at scripting writing to the very end where the final film shot was taken. It was very comprehensive.

I wished there had been more concept art since the movie was from a comic book.

Pages from Spider-Man Chronicles
Pages from Spider-Man Chronicles
Pages from Spider-Man Chronicles
Pages from Spider-Man Chronicles

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