Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Amazon vs iTunes Store has just launched its own mp3 download site, offering them DRM-free. Yes, read that right, DRM-free. It means you can copy the mp3 onto whatever computers or players you want regardless of the number of times!

This is a global service so if you're armed with a valid credit card, you're set to go. You'll just need a US address when they ask you to register if you haven't already had an account there. You can copy a US address anywhere.

Prices for each song is around US$0.89 to 0.99 on average, which is slightly cheaper than iTunes.

Currently, the service has around 2 million songs and counting. I have no doubt that one day the number of songs will rival that from iTunes music store.

Amazon shares are up again, to $93. Buy that too, if you're able, for it's only to go up.

Visit Mr Brown's site for a slightly more detail walk-through on how to download.

Click here for a very very detailed walk-through from

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