Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Day 4: Warehouse Sales, Cheap But You Don't Need Them

This is the black pyramid of Las Vegas called Luxor Wiki). Made of black glass, this hotel is big and elegant in every sense. It's a sight to behold. They have egygtian carvings all around places where you can find concrete.

Luxor Lobby
This is the lobby. I have yet to figure out how the elevators work if the hotel rooms are all sloping inwards.

Mandalay Bay
Most of the block shaped hotels have their name printed on the block itself. Mandalay Bay (wiki) is no exception. Most of the buildings reflect light so strong that there's a constant glow off the ground. Imagine the opposite of shadow.

The Duece
This is the bus that runs on The Strip. It's called The Duece. The driver can speak to passengers via speakers throughout the bus. Cost US$2 one way and US$5 for an all day pass. The latter is more valued for money since it saves you from walking in the heat.

Las Vegas Outlet Center
Las Vegas Outlet Center
We took the bus to Las Vegas Outlet Centre. It's heaven for bargain hunters. All the big brands are there, on discount.

Coach Factory
I didn't buy any Coach. Yes, ladies, stop screaming. In fact, I didn't buy anything from the outlet. Well, I'm not a shopper and I'm a firm believer of don't buy what you don't need. I'll have problems in the future when I look at the items and think of what I should do with them.

Mandalay Bay
This is Mandalay Bay at night.

That beam of light is so strong that it can be seen from space, or so it claims. It's amazingly hard to take a good shot of Luxor at night without a tripod.

Bike In Front
You can put your bicycle in the front of The Duece if you want.

Thought of the day: American salesmanship
American salesmanship is really much better than Singapore. No kidding. You'll be greeted with the usual, "How are you doing", "What's up" and "Can I help you?" People are also friendlier. This is not a holiday mirage.

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