Sunday, September 2, 2007

One Day in Cleveland

The flight to Cleveland, Ohio, took 2 transfers. It was a 20 hours flight, the longest I've even been on. It was more boring than tiring. It's a MUST to bring a book to read! I'm lucky I have my iPod filled with Pixar movie commentaries.

When planning your holidays, make sure to book the air tickets in advance. That way it will be cheaper, much cheaper. It hurts to say that my flight cost SGD$2300++ because I booked it rather late. The cheapest I've seen is from China Airlines at SGD$1200++. Expensive lesson.

This is my room at Days Inn Cleveland Airport. Booked that over the Internet at their website. It was roughly US50 per night, after tax. The room was clean but feels a bit old.

I found this hotel on Google Earth. There's this feature in it that lists hotels on the area map. But you would do better with Google Maps instead, there are reviews from users all over the world for businesses located on the map.

This is the subway under Cleveland Hopkins Airport. Cost USD1.75 per ride to bring me from the airport to downtown Cleveland. By the way, my hotel was not located downtown but somewhere near the airport. Needed a shuttle to get to the airport in order to ride the subway.

This is downtown Cleveland as seen from Voinovich Park. It's a very small park by the side of Lake Erie.

This is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Musuem. Not a big fan of rock so I didn't went in, plus the tickets cost USD20.

One of the guitar displays outside the museum. See more here in my Flickr set.

This is the Cleveland Browns Stadium. And of course, it's not open since there are no matches that day.

This is how downtown Cleveland looks. Didn't take a lot of photos of the streets since they all look pretty much the same to me.

A news report interviewing someone on the streets.

This is one of their favourite sport, American football.

This is inside Tower City. the design of the lobby roof's exquisite.

See the rest of the photos, 47 in total, on my Flickr set.

The sunlight was too harsh that day for photo taking. As can be seen, most of the photos feel a bit washed out by the strong light. I wanted to wait until the evening before taking some more photos but I was bored and left. There wasn't much tourist attraction in Cleveland if you're not going to visit the Rock museum or watch a rugby match.

In case you're wondering, I was in Cleveland to wait for a friend before heading down to Las Vegas.

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  1. sounds like an interesting holiday! hope you had fun


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