Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Yahoo Auctions Singapore Might Really Be Going Down

I won't be surprised if Yahoo Auctions Singapore goes down. Ever since they closed their US auction site on 2007, I have a feeling that this might happen.

Few months ago, my account, with over 190 ratings, stopped functioning properly. Managed to post something but the item couldn't be found when doing a search. Today, searches done on the site returned with no titles.

Emailed their support staff on my account issues and they replied they were working on it. After multiple weeks, I've given up.

But the auctions sites, the other one is Hong Kong's, are least on Yahoo's mind right now. I don't even know if they are going to fight Microsoft or work with them.

After all, auctions isn't their core business.

Guess it's time for me to hop over to eBay Singapore. Wait, I've an account there already.

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