Saturday, July 12, 2008

Why Not Just Put a Fuel Meter?

From July 17, passengers on Comfort and CityCab taxis will have to pay a 30-cent surcharge per journey.

Singapore's largest taxi group, ComfortDelGro, said this is to help its cabbies cope with increases in diesel costs.

Source: Channelnewsasia

Is 30-cents the right amount?

But why not just put a fuel meter that's pegged to petrol prices? This would save trouble deciding the amount of fuel surcharge in the future. Hey, petrol stations have been doing it since they were petrol stations.

And this is my reply should SMRT decide to increase their fares. Go ahead, peg your fixed fares with a fuel surcharge.


  1. Comfort Delgro is the only taxi company in Singapore that hasn't fitted a single CNG tank on any of its taxis yet. Having the largest taxi fleet in Singapore means that it would cost the most for it to have such a conversion exercise.

  2. If fuel surcharge is pegged to the fuel meter, commuters would have to fork out more for their taxi fares. You mean you're actually in favor of that?

  3. I just like transparency. Anyway, the cost will be added eventually in the future. Being able to see how much is attributed to fuel cost is information, even if it's not useful, is good to know.


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