Friday, August 29, 2008

Book Review: The Art of Batman Begins

The Art of Batman BeginsThis book is also pretty light on content, just like The Dark Knight: Featuring Production Art and Full Shooting Script. It explains very little on the production of the movie. You might probably even get more information on Wikipedia.

There are pretty detailed storyboards in the book, even if they are only a few pages. The paintings and concept art to be lacking in comparison to movie stills. A lot of movie stills were included. Some of these movie stills occupy a whole page, or two by themselves. By themselves, they really served no purpose.

The cinematography for the movie was great. The composition was amazing. But there are too few reference paintings included.

This book is only for the hardcore movie fans. Batman fans won't really miss anything if they stick to their comics.

The probable reason for the lack of depth, I believe, is that not much material was provided to the author, Mark Cotta Vaz. His two other art books which I have, The Art of The Incredibles and The Art of Finding Nemo, were fantastic.

The Art of Batman Begins

The Art of Batman Begins

The Art of Batman Begins

The Art of Batman Begins

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  1. Thanks for posting this review, I was considering getting this, but now Im not so sure. I think the 'Art' bit in the title of the book is a bit misleading.

  2. If you want to see "Art" related to batman, you've only got to look here:

    Well, I suppose I used the term art loosely. What I meant to say was "not art at all but worthless nerd garbage". Yeah, that sounds better.


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