Monday, August 4, 2008

Just Give 5 Years to Cabbie Hitters

Source: Cabbie Woes: More Cabbies Attacked
In the first seven months of the year, ComfortDelGro has seen 17 attacks against drivers, more than double the number for the whole of last year.

An eye for an eye, that's what I believe in.

Australia has made the right move by increasing the one year jail penalty to five. A ridiculous crime requires a ridiculous penalty. And just drop the fine, it's just pocket change to Singaporeans. Singapore should stop being a 'fine' country.

It will be great if similar penalty is available for those who hit bus drivers also. Just give them 5 years, they can take it. They are toughies.

There's just no reason for hitting public transport operators, who are making hard earned money justifiably.


  1. Yeah. I agree heartily that cabbie-hitters should be sent to jail for at least 1 year. Maximum 5 years. Life sentence for killing cabby. Period.

  2. if i were the judge, i would sentence cabby-killers to death. Absolutely no question about it.

    I would make death sentences get carried out much faster too.

    It's taking too long for the criminals in our country on death row to get hanged. It's a waste of time and tax-payers' money to feed them and keep them alive.

  3. Your comment on Bored Dad's blog: I'm forced to work also. I'm 27. If I don't work, I probably will starve to death. The reason why old people still have to work, is sadly, because they didn't save enough during their prime years.

    My reply: At least you're in a job now doing what you enjoy doing :)

    A lot of people are stuck in jobs they don't like and are disengaged from. They cling onto their jobs only because they need the salary to pay the bills.


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