Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Transport Fares to Go Up Again

SBS Transit, SMRT submit applications for fare adjustments

This is the evergreen hot topic that always manage to garner hot arguments from citizens.

Let me tell you something you don't like to hear. Just because transport companies make money doesn't mean that they should raise prices.

If you understand business, or have studied business, you should know that. It's common sense to raise prices when operating cost goes up.

People don't understand why the fares are going up, even when it's said that operating cost is going up. If this is not a communication problem, I don't know what it. SMRT and SBS haven't been doing a good job at explaining to people.

Someone from the forum said that in other countries, transport operators are running at a loss to provide transport for their people. The question is, do transport operators have to run at a loss given a chance.

Why should transport companies run at a loss, even if it's a public service they are providing. Providing public service doesn't mean you have to run a loss. Where's the logic and rational? That government and companies own the public a living? Please, you own yourself a living.

It's not as if the transport cost are very high. For those who say it's high, do yourself a favour, and go do some research. Or better yet, travel to the country to experience the transport yourself.

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