Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ballistic Publishing Page Preview Is Useful

If you're interested in Ballistic Publishing's books, you'll be glad that they have a page turner software for previews on their website. Of course not all pages are shown, but at least full pages are shown.

Their impressive list of titles includes the d'artiste series, EXPOSÉ, Exotique, Essense, ULTIMATE, CG Challenge, Elemental and many more.

I've read some of them. They have some of the most high quality art pieces featured. The d'artiste series explains artists' approaches to creating their art, using 3D graphics software, that can be easily understood. doesn't stock them, but does. Below are just some examples. You have to go to to do a search, which you can reach via the links below.

But first visit Ballistic's website for a preview.

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