Friday, September 5, 2008

A refurbished Mac Pro is not expensive

There was a refurbished Mac Pro going for SGD$2998 at the Singapore Apple Store online.

My refurbished Mac Pro was bought in May 2007 costing me $3628. It's still going strong. In fact, it hasn't even slowed down a bit.

Let me tell you why getting a refurbished Mac Pro is a good idea, even if it's going to cost more than the PC of similar specification.

The Mac Pro is a very powerful machine. I've no doubt it can last for at least 5 years before software can utilize all of its power, making it feel slow.

Take my Mac Pro for example. Let's say that my Mac Pro can be sold for $1628 at the end of 5 years. The cost of ownership per year will be $400, or more if I sell it for much less.

For $400 per year, that's a bargain!

It's one of the most powerful computer running on OSX.

The only problem is you have to lock in your money for this period to exchange for the power.

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