Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Some pictures from Street Fighter Tribute

This is not a book review but I've found some pages from the art book Street Fighter Tribute. All images here link back to their respective authors.

Looks like it packs a lot of fun. Many artists have contributed their artwork to this compilation. So there's plenty of individual style and feel.

This 280-page art book seems to be going at a very attractive price on amazon.com too.

There are more photos here at the art book launch (flickr.com). There are a few pages shown.

street fighter tribute

street fighter tribute

street fighter tribute

street fighter tribute

This blogger below
seems to have a lot of pictures from the pages of the art book.

Street Fighter Tribute

This book is also available on sale at amazon.com. Visit the link beside to read more reviews.

If you're interested in other art books, there's a complete list reviewed, with pictures, on my blog.

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