Sunday, November 30, 2008

DVD Review: WALL-E


This is one of the DVDs I bought recently. Straight off, I'll like to say that it's awesome. It's much better than the previous Ratatouille DVD.

I hesitated importing it in from Amazon since there's little difference. Amazon's version has an extra disc which contains the digital file that can be transferred onto portable media players.

Disc 1 contains extras like a complementary new short called "BURN-E". BURN-E is the robot that was trapped outside of the spaceship while trying to fix a broken bulb.

There's also Presto, an animated short about a magician and his hungry rabbit. I can tell that there's great storyboarding and the story itself is very entertaining.

Also included is a behind the scenes look into creating sound for the movie with Sound Designer Ben Burtt.

Lastly, all Pixar fans will love to know that audio commentary — this time with Director Andrew Stanton — is back. This is the part where Pixar and Disney pissed everybody off when they left it out on Ratatouille.

Disc 2 contains many bonus materials.

There's The Pixar Story by Leslie Iwerks. It's an hour and a half documentary that talks about the history of Pixar. It starts right from before Pixar's existence to the bought-over of Pixar by Disney. It's a wonderful documentary. This DVD is slightly more expensive because of the inclusion of this documentary.

The Pixar Story essentially the video version of the book To Infinity and Beyond, which I happen to have also.

And then there are multiple Making-of videos looking at how different parts of the movie was made.

There is also a clip on character testing, which put WALL-E into different situation and see how it reacts to them.

Finally, there are some deleted scenes, which contains storyboard reels and actual 3D rendered footage that were dropped. Both contains optional audio commentary from Andrew Stanton.

I really love the movie, the story and all the stuff packed into the two discs.

This DVD is highly recommended for everyone.

When prices for Blu-ray players come down further, I'll definitely be getting the Blu-ray version to watch it in HD.

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  1. wow, i love it and want to buy it:)

    were do you buy this stuff?dvd and digital stuff?i mean from what local store?:)

    thanks dear Parka

  2. Mohammad.Modarres - I bought mine at a video shop in a shopping mall in Singapore. I guess you should be able to get that at any video shop near your place. It's new and there should be plenty of stock.


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