Sunday, November 9, 2008

Red Alert 3 is very different

Red Alert 3

I've finally finished enough of the game to write something here.

Red Alert 3 is really pretty different from Command & Conquer Tiberium Wars, in term of design and game play.

There are three factions: Soviets, Allies and The Empire of the Rising Sun. Each features different building strategies for their structures and upgrading of technology. It takes a while to get used to it.

Most of the units are new. Many of them have secondary abilities. That's going to make micro-managing extremely delicate.

There are units for the ground, air and sea. Because of that, I felt the game play was too open. Enemies can come from anyway, literally. Strategic ground seem to be a concept that's no longer applicable.

Playing the Brutal mode in Skirmish is a bit punishing. It's even more difficult that the Brutal in Tiberium War.

The graphics, as you can see below, are much more saturated that Tiberium Wars. Everything's more colourful. Unfortunately for me, there are some graphic artifacts. Happened with Tiberium Wars, so it might be a graphics card problem (I'm using X1900XT).

Artifacts in Red Alert 3

I've already completed the mission for Soviets and The Empire. Still stuck with The Allies' mission where Tanya has to kill everyone on some island so the engineers can get to their buildings.

Compared to the other commandos, Tanya seems to be the weakest. Her range is short like any rifle soldier. Her response time is worse. Soldiers who spot her can fire a few shots before Tanya returns back any shots. That's just pathetic.

So I pretty much like Natasha and Yuriko. Nataha's range is long with that sniper rifle. Yuriko is a psionic schoolgirl with telekinetic powers — who doesn't like that?

There are some very pretty female commanders also.

However, this game has received pretty bad reviews on though. Currently, consumer reviews are averaging at 2-stars. That's because of some software called SecuROM, which allows for only 5 installations. Some said it was a spyware. I only know that it's going to be troublesome for me if I'm going to sell it in the future.

It's still a highly recommended game for any C&C fans. I like Tiberium Wars and Kane's Wrath better though.

In fact, it would be cooler if EA can do a cross-over with Red Alert 3 and Tiberium Wars.

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