Sunday, January 11, 2009

Coraline, Gundam, Tim Maughan Books and stuff

Coraline the movie

It's coming out in February this year. Coraline is based on a book written by Niel Gaiman, and the movie is directed by Henry Selick.

There are already a few Coraline books released as promotional tie up to the movie. The one that's on my shopping list is the hardcover Coraline movie visual companion (Amazon link). Notcot has two fabulous entry on Coraline as well. They look like props from the movies. Read here and here.

There's also a graphic novel version which was released in June 2008 (Amazon link). linesandcolors just had a short writeup about the Coraline graphic novel.

Gundam's 30th Anniversary

This year is also Gundam's 30th anniversary. It seems that there will be two art books released to commemorate the anniversary. Both are in Japanese though. I hope there will be English translations.

Massive Black art book

It seems that the Massive Black art book vol 1 would be out on 13 January 2009. Not sure if the source is accurate because there's still no news from Ballistic Publishing.

Tim Maughan Books

This blog by Tim Maughan is actually very similar to Parka Blogs. Instead, he reviews mainly Japanese art books, anime and other stuff from Japanese culture. There are lots of great reviews and plenty of pictures to see.

Animation books preview for 2009

This animation books preview is done by Amid Amidi of

The few books that caught my eyes are Two Guys Named Joe: Master Animation Storytellers Joe Grant and Joe Ranft. I've heard much about the two Joes but don't actually know anything more other than the fact that they used to work for Disney and Pixar. Both have, sadly, passed away. Hopefully the book would be a good tribute to them and their work.

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