Sunday, January 28, 2007

Samuel and Jiayan's Wedding

I wonder how much he packed in his ang bao.

David and Jinyun were the host for the big night.

We came too early, one hour too early. The wedding was held at Goodwood Park Hotel. There were about 20 tables in the ballroom.

Heh heh Heh. LOBSTER!!

That's the door gift.

The night started with Samuel crooning "Tian Zhen" from Alex To.

The bride walks in.

Strangely, I didn't hear the classic wedding tune throughout the night! No cliche!

Xiuyue was having lots of fun with her camera.

YEAH! LOBSTER! Notice also the shine on Chelsey's face that's caused by light reflected from Yuzhen's ring.

Next was the second old classic shark fin soup.

Sharon helping herself to her second serving.

3 cheers for the bride and bridegroom!

The couple sharing a laugh on stage.

"I'm standing here!" Chelsey screams.

A pretty lady standing at the back got lucky. Her name's Qiyan, as corrected by Jiayan. Oops.

Here are the want-to-be-wedded wannabes preparing for the group photo.


  1. The doorgift looks like a key?!!! What is it?

  2. After much thought... i've concluded that it's a stirrer

  3. Don't you guys have it? It doesn't say what it is? :)

  4. Answer:
    1. Zhikai put in xx bucks..not 3 digits sobsob :p *kidding*
    2. Is a wedding favour NOT door gift a cocktail stirrer heh heh ..special rite
    3. The pretty lady says her name is QIYAN..does she look like DAWN? new name....hohoho

  5. i hate wedding dinners. They start late and end late. I hate having to wait in between the dishes. I prefer church wedding buffet reception. Can eat and scram. Chop chop. No need to go home late at night.


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