Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I'm Excited About The New Birth Rate Boosting Measures

Story source: New measures to boost birth rate to be introduced in August
Nope, I'm not going to become a father anytime soon.

I'm just excited because I'm interested to understand the minds behind the new measures. In this case, I just want to know if the policy makers are actually diagnosing the population problem correctly.

Recent surveys showed that financial constraints, busy work schedules and lack of childcare support were top concerns that limit a larger family size.

One can pretty much cross out financial constraints. Let's face it, Singaporeans are not poor. There's no way they can't afford to have a baby. Yes, I have no experience in the economics of having a baby but why is it that I'm so sure that it's affordable. Because I'm using the word affordable instead of expensive.

The new measures must understand the motivation of couples for wanting to have a baby and for not wanting one.

My personal argument for the low fertility count has always been that people just have more things to accomplish and get done nowadays. You can bet that having a baby isn't very high on the priority list.

I'll put it bluntly. Having a baby is small obstacle slowing people down towards their goal. There's no such thing as a main focus when there's someone whom you're responsible for. With no main focus, naturally, everything proceeds slower.

The new measures, whatever they are, better hit the nail on the spot. Give people time, even if it means not giving them directly. Such as having more childcare support, which is already mentioned in the survey.

We're a time starved nation. We have money but no time. Give us time.

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