Thursday, September 25, 2008

Gentlemen, Start Your Computers

This is the infographics I did to explain the usage of computers in a F1 race. I didn't know that they played such an integral part in the race. E.g. The engine has to be started with a computer, I didn't know that.

Lenovo Williams F1 Infographics
This are some notes, questions and sketches.

Lenovo Williams F1 Infographics
A proof for checking errors.

Lenovo Williams F1 Infographics
The final printed version on the paper. If you have noticed, the headline was changed.

F1 Infographics
On the other page is a mega project by another 5 artists, including me. You can see the car I finished modelling a few days ago used in these two infographic.

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  1. Nice work there ! Must be really exciting with the race round the corner.


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