Monday, March 5, 2007

The roads are dangerous

The roads are pretty dangerous when you have maniacs driving against traffic to evade police cars and road blocks. This graphic was re-rendered because we didn't have the graphic rights to Apple Daily. This is the story.

Before I read the story, I thought the bus driver was blind to not have seen the truck carrying steel rods in front. Actually the bus was tailgating. This graphic was re-rendered also because we didn't have the graphic rights.


  1. curious...

    can you link to the articles if any? thanks...

  2. i feel unsafe whenver i take taxis that like to tailgate other vehicles at high speed. i don't know why the coach driver would want to tailgate the truck loaded with steel rods, i mean, it's so uncomfortable having those steel rods pointing at you :p

  3. Daredevil thieves indeed. Straight out from a Jackie Chan movie.


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