Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Day 4: Macau

Venentian, Macau
Venentian, Macau
The Venetian is one of the most beautiful hotels I've seen. Seems that gold and pastel colours mix well.

Venentian, Macau
Venentian, Macau
The rooms cost upwards of $HK2000. This particular suite we reserved cost around $HK2200. There are like 3000 such rooms in The Venetian.

Venentian, Macau
They serve all types of food in their food court. Average meal price with drinks adds up to around $HK50.

Streets of Macau
Taking a cab is the fastest, most comfortable and valued for money way to get around in Macau. The fare starts at HK11.

Macau has a lot of Portuguese influenced buildings.

Koi Kei Pastelaria
Koi Kei Pastelaria
Koi Kei Pastelaria
There are no lack of shops around. This is one of the more crowded shop. It bakery and sells all things pastry.

A Lorcha
This is the best restaurant in Macau, and serves the best food I have tasted so far. The entrance to the restaurant is behind that white van.

A Lorcha location
Take a cab there. The waiting time can be quite long but it's worth the wait.

Steamed cockles at A Lorcha
Cockles steamed to perfection. The flavour of the cockles fill the soup, which you can soak up with the warm bread provided.

Chicken in sweet sauce with fries at A Lorcha
Half a chicken generously smothered with exotic spicy sauce. There's no way chicken can be cooked better than this, or at least I have yet to eat one.

Rice with seafood
Not just plain old rice. Scoop up the crab, prawns and 2 giant clam hiding underneath. Never judge a dish by its appearance!

The food there is so heavenly that even writing about it is giving me some withdrawal symptoms.

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