Monday, August 11, 2008

Book Review: The Art of Cars

From John Lasseter's foreword:
It also became a journey with its own reward, one we wanted to share with you in this book.

The Art of CarsWith that, the book brings you onto a fantastic journey on the creative process of creating Cars, the movie close to John Lasseter's heart.

The few pages of stories separating the art let you understand how research was done, what the artists learn and ideas they want to bring across to the audience.

This book is filled with plenty of concept art drawings. Pixar artists draw hundreds of drawings each day but only selected ones were included into the book due to the limited number of pages. Every page is packed with art.

Also included are storyboards, architectural drawings, landscape drawings, lighting studies, car decor sketches, photos from their road trips.

This is a wonderful selection of drawings pulled off directly from the drawing board.

The Art of Cars

The Art of Cars

The Art of Cars

The Art of Cars

The Art of Cars

The Art of Cars

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