Monday, December 8, 2008

Book Review: Revolution: The Art of Jon Foster

The only work I know from Jon Foster are the illustrations he did for Star Wars. I don't follow his work much so this art book is pretty refreshing to me.

There's a short 3-page biography to start the book. It talks his life, career and influences. It's always fun to read about who they are before they became famous. There are interesting things like financial concerns he faced when starting out, his self-doubts, success with Spectrum to the point where his works are displayed in museums.

Here's a short excerpt from from biography that appears in the book:

Jon Foster doesn't make things easy.

The standard artist-bios tropes don't seem to fit when trying to describe him, the cliches don't comfortably apply. The compliments and glowing adjectives about his art come easily, true, but the challenge to properly convey something about the man with the brush (or computer mouse) in his hand...that's the hard part.

This book contains his work done on oil and digital. There are a few pages devoted to pencil sketches. The paintings are truly amazing. I can only imagine how good they are in the museums or art galleries. Each illustration is captioned on the background and comes with quotes from Jon Foster explaining his inspiration.

This is a fantastic art book. It might be hard to find now because it was published in 2006. Check out the Amazon merchants if Amazon is out of stock themselves. Amazon links are below.

Jon Foster has a homepage and you can check out more of his wonderful illustrations there.

If you like Jon Foster, you might also want to check out Fables Covers: The Art of James Jean too.

Special thanks to Kelvin Chan for providing the book for this short review

Revolution: The Art of Jon Foster

Revolution: The Art of Jon Foster

Revolution: The Art of Jon Foster

Revolution: The Art of Jon Foster

Revolution: The Art of Jon Foster

Revolution: The Art of Jon Foster

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  1. I got myself a copy of this too. Absolutely amazing work.


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